JIB / EAL Electrotechnical Services Experienced Worker Assessment

Beau Associates now offers the  Electrotechnical Services Experienced Worker Assessment to enable mature workers in the electrical industry to gain their Level 3 NVQ.

Candidate Eligibility

Typically, the candidate will have completed relevant electrotechnical theory training and then worked within the industry for a minimum of 5 years as a practicing operative, which must be recorded.

This assessment is not suitable for new entrants to the electrotechnical industry, apprentices or other trainees who require any training or for inexperienced operatives. It is unlikely that a candidate who has not gained significant industry experience will be able to pass this assessment.

Candidates must be able to provide sufficient evidence from site and by witness testimony of previous work to fully meet the qualification specification in the required pathway.

The candidate assessment

This assessment is designed to take into account existing qualifications and experience of the candidate.

Prior to enrolling on this assessment programme the candidate must have successfully and fully completed a relevant technical certificate and be able to demonstrate to an assessor their understanding of the industry theory and UK wiring regulations as set out in the qualifications specification.

The candidate must provide written evidence in the form of initial assessment/application documentation that meets with the entry requirements following a verbal professional discussion with the assessment centre to ascertain suitability to be placed on the program. This would be additionally followed up by the assigned qualified assessor at the induction point to ensure capability to fully comply with the scheme criteria.

The candidate must provide current evidence from site to demonstrate full compliance with the performance that is required as set out in the qualifications specification in a site visit/s where the assessor has viewed the candidate working and has been provided with verifiable witness testimonies.

The candidate must also have gained or attain the industry independent assessment of occupational competence, the AM2, as provided by industry assessment charity National Electrotechnical Training as a mandatory component of this assessment route.

Price for Electrotechnical Services Experienced Worker Assessment

NVQ £1400

For further details Contact Info@beauassociates.co.uk

See http://www.jib.org.uk/mature-candidate-assessment.aspx