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Re-sit cost


The AM2 should be taken by electrotechnical apprentices who are training against the Apprenticeship Framework, those undertaking the JIB Mature Candidate Assessment, and those following the Level 3 NVQ who are not apprentices.

Apprentices who are enrolled in the Apprenticeship Standard should undertake the AM2S assessment. The AM2E Assessment is for experienced workers / mature candidates who are completing the 'Experienced Worker Assessment'. 

Course details

Sit your AM2 with Beau Electrical Assessment at our Licensed NET AM2/AM2S/AM2E Centre in Ashton under Lyne.

AM2 assessment is a practical assessment with a short online component, taken over 16.5 hours in total.

During this time candidates undertake a series of timed tasks in specially equipped booths containing typical electrical installation wiring systems.

The exercises include installation, inspection and testing, and fault-finding. The work must comply with the current IEE Wiring Regulations and be carried out in line with Health and Safety best practice. 

AM2 assessment is the Assessment of Occupational Competence for candidates in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (Scottish candidates see FICA).


NET Fee Structure:

1 April 2024 – 31 March 2025

AM2 (First attempt)
New price charged from 1st April 2024 £840

AM2S v1.0 (First attempt)

Apprentices registered up to 3 September 2023 
New price charged from 1st April 2024 £910

AM2S v1.1 (First attempt)

Apprentices registered from 4 September 2023 
Price charged from 1st April 2024 £1375

This EPA reflects the additional content of the revised apprenticeship standard and includes a 17-hour practical assessment, 90-minute scenario-based interview, and 90-minute knowledge test.

AM2E v1.0 (First attempt)

Registrations up to 3 September 2023 
New price charged from 1st April 2024 £910

AM2E v1.1 (First attempt)

Registrations from 4 September 2023 

New price charged from 1st April 2024 £1200

This EPA reflects the additional content of the revised assessment includes a 17-hour practical assessment and a 90-minute knowledge test.

AM2/S/E Training day
New price charged from 1st April 2024 £150 +VAT.

Re-sit Fees: AM2/AM2S V1.0/AM2E V1.0 unit re-sit charge rates from 1st April 2024:

Section A bay units

  • 2: – Previous Section A Build Lighting circuit and Ring Final circuit (2.25hrs)

  • 3: – SWA and Motor circuit (2.25hrs)

  • 4: – Central Heating (2hrs)

  • 5: – Bonding, Data, and safety circuit FP200 (2hrs)

  • 6: – Containment AM2S/E only (1.5hrs)

The above sections are charged on how many sections need to be completed:
Charges as follows:

  • 1 section of A £235

  • 2 sections of A £365

  • 3 sections of A £430

  • 4 sections of A £520

  • 5 sections of A £570

Please note:

  • AM2 section C1 will now be Section C (Now: – Fault diagnosis & Safe isolation)

  • AM2 section C2 will now be Section D (Now: – Fault diagnosis, location & rectification)

  • AM2 section D will now be Section E (Now: – Online exam)


  • A1: – Safe isolation & Risk assessment, £180.00

  • B: – Inspection & Testing £250.00

  • C: – Safe Isolation of Circuits £180.00

  • D: – Fault diagnosis, location & rectification £250.00

  • E: – Online Knowledge Assessment £180.00 

AM2E Supplementary Units

  • AM2EU1 Containment & Safe isolation 1st sitting £330.00 / Re-sit £285.

  • AM2EU2 testing & Safe isolation 1st sitting £330.00 / Re-sit £285.

AM2S V1.1/ AM2E V1.1 re-sit units & charges to be advised.

Readiness for assessment

We recommend that you use these checklists as a working document and carefully review each section, noting where further practical experience or knowledge is required.

If gaps are identified, additional training or experience is recommended before taking the assessment.

If you can’t confidently tick at least “Adequate” for every statement in terms of both Knowledge and Practical Experience, it’s unlikely that you are sufficiently prepared to pass the assessment.

Readiness for assessment checklists:



AM2E (If you haven't already got AM2)

AM2E (if you have already got AM2)

Cable Jointing Checklist

NET services provide answers to common AM2 questions here:  AM2 FAQs

Booking requirements


As mandatory evidence for NET and in order to book your AM2e assessment we require copies of:

  1. City and Guilds Walled Garden evidence as a pdf or EAL Learner History to confirm registration and certificate claim dates.

  2. Complete page 1 of the skills scan

  3. We also require a completed AM2E full checklist, completed and signed

  4. The Experienced Worker Qualification certificate from either City & Guilds (2346) or EAL (603/5982/1)

  5. Level 2/3 Electrotechnical Knowledge Certificate or Naric/Ecctis Electrotechnical Statement or Certificate issuer statement

If you would like to book your AM2e please ensure you have copies of all of the above.


Get in touch

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to book your place on a course please get in touch here

Or phone the centre on 0161 339 8229

Readiness for Assessment
Booking requirements am2e
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