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Mission statement

Beau Associates will offer high-class training which provides every learner with the support to achieve their qualification. Through a cooperative approach to an end goal of a sustainable and fulfilling career, Beau Associates will act in excess of expectations to ensure that all of our learners are aware of and reach their full potential.




Beau Associates is an independent training provider specialising in the delivery of Electrical qualifications for electricians and electrical apprentices.

Programmes of learning are designed to meet the current needs of the electrical industry, which is a fast-paced environment.

Programmes of learning are delivered to provide learners with the skills they need to be a professional electrician, including skills to build knowledge, confidence, and ability.

Our team of specialist electrical tutors remain loyal to us and enables a consistent learning environment for our learners.




o We value every learner as an individual, they will be at the centre of everything we do.

o We believe that every learner can achieve.

o We will strive to continuously improve our teaching methods and those who train with us.

o We will be professional at all times and will support our learners to be professional.

o We will treat all of our learners equally.

o We will work as a team to deliver training, and we will include our learners in our team.

o We will challenge behaviours that do not fit within our organisation.

o We will support our tutors to deliver outstanding lessons.

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